Building champions in and out of the ring since 1923

2024 National Tournament of Champions
Detroit, MI | May 12-18, 2024

2024 Hall of Fame Inductees: Buster Douglas, Joe Louis, Tommy Hearns, & Emanuel Steward

Golden Gloves of America

Promoting amateur boxing


Thirty franchises

Hundreds of dedicated administrators, coaches, trainers and counselors .


hundreds of programs

Promoting amateur boxing in the United States



Competing in local and regional throughout the United States and in a National Tournament of Champions each year.

Promotes and enhances the physical and emotional well-being

of young athletes

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In 2018 there were 266 days of competition, over 3,000 bouts in front of thousands of fans nationwide live and via streaming video. Boxers totaled 6,297, (527 female and 5,770 male).

Sanction by:



Team Champion

Morris Young, Michigan

Bill Daniels Courage Award

Asa Stevens, Hawaii

Golden Boy (Outstanding Boxer Award)

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