Golden Gloves of America

Hall of Fame

Golden Gloves of America

Hall of Fame


Ray Rodgers, Bobby Magruder, Dave Packer and Bob Russo.

2020 Inductee
Carl Phillips

2019 Inductee
Robert Magruder

2018 Inductee
Harley Cooper

2016 Inductee
Chuck Hales

2015 Inductee
Jay Fullmer

2014 Inductee
Don Avant

2013 Inductee
Buddy LaRosa

2012 Inductee
Sean Clerkin

2011 Inductee
Frank Cariello

2010 Inductee
Bill Hoar

2009 Inductee  
Dave Packer

2008 Inductee 
Donna Pryor

2007 Inductees
Dr. Glenn Bynum
Don Fullmer  

2006 Inductee
George DeFabis

2005 Inductee
Howard Zaffke

2004 Inductee
John Brown

2003 Inductee
Charles “Chick” Paris

2002 Inductees
John Van Sickler
Ray Rodgers

2001 Inductee
Jesse Mora

2000 Inductee
John Connors
Jerry “Ace” Miller

1999 Inductees
Phil and Marty Smith

1998 Inductee
Henry Blouin

1997 Inductee
Truman Tuttle

1996 Inductee
James Beasley

1995 Inductee
Lt. Hal Miller

1994 Inductee
Myrl Taylor

1993 Inductee
Frank Pryor

1992 Inductee
Stanley Berg

1991 Inductee
Gene Fullmer

1990 Inductee
Robert Whittle, MD

1989 Inductee
Johnny Flores

1988 Inductee
George Cron

1987 Inductee
Ollie Down

1986 Inductee
Dick Lee

1984 Inductee
George Ishihara

1983 Inductees
Sammy Derrico
Don O’Hare
Jack Fickler

1982 Inductees
Arrington “Bubble” Klice
George Kellam
Morey Bowman

1981 Inductees
Johnny Duke
Biff Holstein
Harry Miller

1980 Inductees
George McGuane

1979 Inductee
Stan Gallup

1978 Inductees
J.H. Barnard
Robert Todish

1977 Inductee
John Nagy

1976 Inductee
Joe Martin

1975 Inductee
Harry Davis

1974 Inductee
Paul Staff

1973 Inductee
Dave Fidler

1972 Inductee
Msgr. Franklin Kelliher

1971 Inductee
Arch Ward

1970 Inductee
George Barton

1969 Inductee
Jack Pellmann

Hall of Fame


1994- John Holus, Mid South
1995-Ron Feazel, Texas
1996- Carmen Williamson, Toledo
1997- Harry Davis, Minnesota
1998- Stan Hamilton, Knoxville
1999- Deacon Bowers, Knoxville/ Matt Marvin, Illinois
2000- Lou Zafke, Wisconsin
2001- Bill Douglas, Mid South
2002- John Caldwell, Indiana
2003- Lester Hebert, Mid South
2004- Larry Lawson, Kansas/Oklahoma
2005- Sean Curtain, Chicago
2006- Tony Wolfe,Pennsylvania
2007- Jerry Wright, Texas/ L.P. Lang , Mid South
2008- Jay Fullmer, Rocky Mountain
2009- Art Morey, Kansas/ John Ulibarri, Colorado
2010- Ellen Ward, Nevada
2011- Curtis Rawlings, Washington DC
2012- Dan Joyce, Upper Mid West
2013- Gene Reese, Knoxville
2014- Mark Philips, Knoxville
2015- Dave Moody, Nevada
2016- Vern Sweeney, upper mid west/ Larry Fullmer, Rocky Mountain
2017- Dan McGrew, Knoxville
2018- Cecil Perkins, Mid South
2019- Fran Bechen, Iowa
2019- Gloria Szutkowski, Pennsylvania

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